ECRE Weekly Bulletin

The ECRE Weekly Bulletin provides information about the latest developments in the areas of asylum and refugee protection.


2018 Issues

30 March 2018 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin
23 March 2018 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin
16 March 2018 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin

23 February 2018 – Editorial: With or Without You, Solidarity; AIDA Country Reports updates: HU, RS, FR, CH, MT; Humanitarian Corridor to Italy; Reports of sexual violence in GR island camps +++
02 February 2018 – Editorial: urgent action needed – HU; Op-ed on transit camp system in Germany; Situation of unaccompanied children, articles on developments in Afghanistan and Libya
26 January 2018 – New faces on ECRE board; ECtHR and CJEU rulings; Articles on developments in Ireland, France and Bangladesh
19 January 2018 – Editorial on political fragmentation in EU Member States; Asylum Statistics 2017; News from Croatia, France/ UK, Germany, Scotland and Switzerland; Report by CEAR on reception conditions in Spain
12 January 2018 – Editorial: To the Bulgarian Presidency; Oped-EU’s externalization laboratory; News from Serbia, Greece and Belgium

2017 Issues

15 December 2017 – Editorial: Tusk’s intervention on mandatory relocation quota; Oped-Israel’s asylum policy; Interview with NOAS, ECtHR on Bulgaria and more
08 December 2017 – Editorial: global compact for refugees; Op-ed: led children be children; Interview on Hotspot-Pilot Project; Commission vs. PL CZ HU
01 December 2017 – Editorial:Not all roads lead to Libya, Oped: externalization no answer to displacement, new AIDA report on Portugal,Policy Note on return and case study Afghanistan
24 November 2017 – Editorial: EU-Africa Summit; OPed by Are You Syrious: access to asylum in Croatia; News from Israel, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and much more 
17 November 2017 – OPed by OPAM: Are Europeans turning against asylum seekers and refugees?; EU externalization efforts; Legal Note on access to Legal aid & UK Home Office fails to address critical findings on asylum accommodation 
10 November 2017 – Editorial safe third countries interview on asylum amendment in Austria, oped by CEAR, ruling and policy updates from GR BEL FR 
27 October 2017 – EU at crossroad; Winter has arrived! OPed w/ RSA & ProAsyl; CJEU ruling on Dublin time limit and much more… 
13 October 2017 – Migration control top priority for Member States/ substantial growth of Frontex, UK High Court ruling on victims of torture and much more 
06 October 2017 – Editorial: Multiculturalism a mundane fact, also in HU, 1y Joint Way Forward – interview w/ Abdul Ghafoor, ECtHR ruling on collective expulsion 
29 September 2017 – Midterm review on EU Migration Agenda, Interview with Aspasia Papadopoulou on One Year Anniversary of the New York Declaration and more
22 September 2017 – Interview w/ borderline on criminalization of rescued refugees, BEL: cooperation with Sudanese gov’t & GER: Court decision on family reunification cap
15 September 2017 – Editorial: State of the Union EU solidarity?, Black Sea: Increasing arrivals in Romania, Interview: Migrants sleeping rough in Brussels streets
08 September 2017 – Editorial: Europe-Africa summit in Paris, new AIDA comparative reports and Italy deepens cooperation with Libya amid human rights concerns
14 July 2017 – Code of conduct for rescue on Central Med, OP-ed by Refugee Action on asylum seekers’ access to basic services and housing, ongoing concerns: situation at Polish-Belorussian border
07 July 2017 – New EU plans on Central Mediterranean route, UK Upper Tribunal: Returns to Libya unsafe & GER: Temporary suspension of asylum procedures for Afghans
30 June 2017 – Editorial: When institutions & gov’s fail, people step up, administrative detention in France and Morocco accepts Syrians stranded at its border
22 June 2017 – Are European politicians bowing to a phantom? -Editorial, Kris Pollet on latest #EUCO conclusions on CEAS reform, EU Partnership Framework one year on
16 June 2017 – European Commission launches infringement procedure against Hungart, Czech Republic and Poland, OP-ed by Yves Niyiragira: This is not a war – the need for demilitarisation of borders and concern over alleged push-backs from Greek-Turkish land border
26 May 2017 – Asylum law reform in Germany and Austria, Syrians stuck in desert at Moroccan/ Algerian border, reports on children on the move
19 May 2017 – Commission to launch infringement vs Hungary, Manus detention centre to be closed, new AIDA briefing on fast-track asylum procedure in Europe
12 May 2017 – CentralMed: mounting nr of death amid debate on civilian SAR, GR/GER: cap on transfers under Dublin family provision& Hungary leaves discussion w/ Com
05 May 2017 – Interview with Sea-Watch:What happens in the #Med, steps towards Frontex border control in “Western Balkan route,” DK stops Dublin returns to Hungary
28 April 2017 –  Conditions in hotspots chilling, LIBE Committee improves reception conditions directive, UK: re-opening of Dubs-scheme for 130 children
14 April 2017 – Commission lowers relocation targets, new Italian immigration decree-law passed & new report: abuse of migrants at Western Balkan route
7 April 2017 – Hungary: Enough is Enough, AIDA Comparative report out! & Italy fosters protection of refugee children
24 March 2017 – Extremism- The far right wolf or the mainstream pet? New CJEU ruling on “risk of absconding” as detention ground & more
17 March 2017 – OP-ed by Dr Soykan: The EU-Turkey Deal one year on:The Rise of Walls of Shame…#AIDA figures reveal: no change in dysfunctional Dublin system& more
10 March 2017 – EU Court has no jurisdiction over EU-Turkey Deal, OP-ed by Polish Helsinki Committee & no obligation to issue humanitarian visa, rules CJEU
3 March 2017 – Once we were tearing down walls, EU eyeing up Tunisia for next migration deal?, Germany plans to strengthen returns amid deportations to Afghanistan
24 February 2017 – German-French CEAS proposal to further lower of protection standards, establishment of pre-removal centres on Greek islands & new AIDA reports
17 February 2017 – Hungarian gov proposes detention of all asylum seekers, Rights violations at French-Italian border & concerns over EU travel document
10 February 2017 – EU’s not so-merry-go-round:Dublin, EU & Italy: steps towards joint migration control with Libya and AIDA report on Bulgaria: changing for the worse
27 January 2017 – Wilful denial: ignoring consequences of outsourcing protection,Push backs to Serbia, OP-ed:ProAsyl on summary deportations from Germany to Afghanistan
20 January 2017 – National asylum statistics 2016, OP-ed by Slovenian legal-informational centre for NGOs (PIC) & new ECRE Policy Note on the proposed EU Asylum Agency
13 January 2017 – Italy to introduce large-scale use of detention, Germany plans to end Dublin waiver for Greece & 85 Spanish NGOs demand clarification on push backs

2016 Issues

16 December 2016 – Belgian State Secretary refuses to issue humanitarian visa to family from Aleppo, Germany to increase deportations, EU signs migration deal with Mali
9 December 2016 – EU Commission to modify Turkey Deal/ reinstate Dublin transfers to Greece, ECRE Hotspot report on Greece and Italy and launch #OurEuropeToo campaign
18 November 2016 – UK: new limitation to Dubs Amendment, ECRE Comments on Asylum Procedure Regulation, Norway: stateless children granted right to obtain citizenship
04 November 2016 – Dismantling Calais camp cannot be an end in itself, OP-ed France Terre d’Asile, Concern about cooperation with Libyan Coast Guard
07 October 2016 – Op-ed: Hungarians did not yield to the government’s xenophobic campaign, ECRE comments on Dublin and Reception Conditions Directive proposals
30 September 2016 – No one deserves to die at Sea” OP-ed by SOS Mediteranee, Pushbacks at Spanish border, Access for asylum on hold in Rome
23 September 2016 – Op-ed on cuts to refugee protection in Denmark, UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants, fire in Moria “hotspot” in Greece
16 September 2016 – Xenophobic referendum in Hungary, lesser protection standards in Germany, millions of refugee children out of school
9 September 2016 – One year after Alan Kurdi’s death, AIDA thematic report, detention of children in Greece
2 September 2016 – Pushbacks at Swiss-Italian border, Situation in the Mediterranean, ECHR against returning family to Iraq
15 July 2016 – European Commission new asylum package, ECRE comments on Eurodac and European Asylum Agency proposals, relocation updates
08 July 2016 – ECtHR case on LGBT asylum seeker in Hungary, Abuse and exploitation for refugees in Libya, ECRE vacancy
01 July 2016 – Spotlight on Greece, ECRE organises Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion event, European Council conclusions disregard NGOs voices
24 June 2016 – Unaccompanied children in Italian hotspot, family reunification in Europe, Greece amends asylum law
17 June 2016 – Spotlight on Greece, Commission Communications, World Refugee Day
10 June 2016 – European Commission Action Plan on Integration, Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, Court of Justice of EU rulings on Dublin
20 May 2016 – Restrictive asylum amendments in Finland, ‘hotspots at sea’, chaotic conditions in Greek ‘hotspots’
13 May 2016 – Updates on EU-Turkey deal, Hungary to resume Dublin transfers to Greece, ECRE event on reception of unaccompanied minors
06 May 2016 – European Commission’s proposals, more deaths at sea, interview with Jorge Sampaio, founder of the Global Platform for Syrian Students
29 April 2016 – EU leaders visit Turkey, Austria approves restrictive asylum law, France ordered to register asylum applications quickly
22 April 2016 – Updates on implementation of EU-Turkey deal, end of unlimited detention for pregnant women in the UK, AIDA report on Spain
15 April 2016 – Worrying developments in Greece, asylum seekers stuck in Hungary, Austria restricts space for asylum
08 April 2016 – EU-Turkey deal in practice, AIDA report on reception, European Commission Communication on the CEAS
25 March 2016 – EU-Turkey Deal, asylum seekers at risk of trafficking in Europe, AIDA report on asylum in Serbia
18 March 2016 – European Council discussions with Turkey, Idomeni March of Hope, Hungary further restricts refugees’ rights
11 March 2016 – ECRE Memorandum to European Council, EU-Turkey Summit, developments in UK, France and Italy
04 March 2016 – ECRE opposes resuming Dublin transfers to Greece, worrying trends along Western Balkans route, humanitarian situation in Idomeni
19 February 2016 – EU Council conclusions, report on EUNAVFOR Med, refugees denied entry to Slovenia
12 February 2016 – NATO deploys ships in the Aegean, the role of volunteers in Lesvos, UN report on Syria
05 February 2016 – Search and Rescue at sea, Schengen report on Greece, London conference on Syria
29 January 2016 – Dutch plan to legitimise push-backs by declaring Turkey a safe third country, Denmark turns back to refugees, UK fails Eritrean asylum seekers
22 January 2016 – Statements on Cologne, Idomeni camp re-opens, NGOs reports call for safe and legal channels to the EU
15 January 2016 – Central European ECRE NGOs call for EU response, situation in camp in northern France, Denmark proposed bill hinders refugee rights
08 January 2016 – ECRE report on Austria, AIDA Legal Briefing on age assessment, updates on Sweden and Norway, Malta and Ireland

2015 Issues

18 December 2015 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin End of the Year Special Issue
11 December 2015 – European Commission infringement procedures, security situation in Afghanistan, AIDA updates on France, Belgium, Croatia and Cyprus
04 December 2015 – Concerns over EU-Turkey deal, critical situation for asylum seekers in Belgium, AIDA updates on Hungary, the UK and Poland
27 November 2015 – EU Turkey upcoming Summit, Western Balkans border restrictions, AIDA updates on Greece, Germany and the Netherlands
20 November 2015 – ECRE statement on Paris attacks, worries about ‘hotspots’ in Italy, failure of EU response to refugee crisis
13 November 2015 – Valletta Summit, JHA Council, AIDA updates on Ireland and Malta
06 November 2015 – Language matters, update on Calais and Greece, UNHCR concerns about abuse of refugees in Europe
30 October 2015 – ECRE report on Hungary, Western Balkans Summit, Hotspots in Greece, Interview with Halleh Ghorashi
23 October 2015 – ECRE interviews UNHCR’s Volker Turk, Comments on EU common list of safe countries of origin, Western Balkans update
09 October 2015 – Calais: Time to tackle a dead-end, EU Council on returns, Western Balkans update
02 October 2015 – “Hotspots” in Italy – PACE: Urgent need for new asylum system – Germany restricts asylum laws
25 September 2015 – European Council on relocation, AIDA legal briefing, Western Balkans route, ECtHR ruling on detention
18 September 2015 – Council Conclusions, updates on asylum in Hungary, Greece and Western Balkans, ECRE’s new Chair
11 September 2015 – ECRE memorandum ahead of JHA meeting, #WeApologise, Juncker’s State of the Union address
04 September 2015 – Greek refugee crisis, situation in Western Balkans and AIDA Annual Report launch
17 July 2015 – Asylum crisis on the Greek islands, harsh detention conditions in Libya, family reunification in the UK
03 July 2015 – ECRE on Council Conclusions, UNHCR on situation in Mediterranean, AIDA legal briefing on detention
26 June 2015 – EUNAVFOR Med, EU Summit, ECRE’s concerns over EU Commission’s fingerprinting guidelines
19 June 2015 – Syrians in Transit Exhibition, UNHCR Global Trends 2014, asylum in UK, Austria, Germany and Turkey
12 June 2015 – UN on impact of EU laws on migrants’ rights, CJEU on integration requirements, Eritrea: UN warns of possible crimes against humanity
05 June 2015 – ECtHR on returns to Iraq, European Commission’s resettlement scheme, EASO on Hungarian asylum system
29 May 2015 – European Commission’s plan to relocate asylum seekers across Europe, ECRE’s guidance note on AMIF, JRS Annual Report
22 May 2015 – Widespread concerns over EU military operation plans in Mediterranean and AIDA update on Sweden and Croatia
15 May 2015 – New European Migration Agenda, Asylum in Greece, Amnesty International on migrants and refugees in Libya
30 April 2015 – Asylum in Italy and Serbia, legal channels for refugees and redistribution of asylum seekers within the EU
24 April 2015 – EU’s response to deaths at sea fails refugees, AIDA update on France, UNHCR on returns to South Sudan
17 April 2015 – EU under pressure to prevent migrant deaths at sea, asylum in Belgium and Switzerland, returns to Yemen, anti-torture committee on Spain
10 April 2015 – Asylum in Cyprus, ECRE on Dublin III, Ceuta & Melilla, Calais, migrant deaths in Europe
20 March 2015 – Ukrainian refugees, defending human rights in Russia, and asylum news on Bulgaria, Poland & Hungary
13 March 2015 – Legal access to EU for refugees, ECRE in Evros, how EU Charter could improve reception & detention standards, UNHCR on Syrian Refugees in Europe
06 March 2015 – Detention in the UK, Hungary’s anti-migration agenda, shipping community on search & rescue
27 February 2015 – Asylum in Germany, Malta and Austria, Commissioner for Human Rights on France & CJEU on asylum for deserters
20 February 2015 – Asylum in Ireland, the Netherlands & UK, Greek government to reform migrant detention & EASO on Afghanistan
13 February 2015 – #DeathsAtSea #WhyAgain?, Greece to stop indefinite detention of migrants, hate crimes in Bulgaria
06 February 2015 – #TarajalNoOlvidamos, refugees in Cyprus, alternatives to detention, Regional Protection Programmes, #OpenToSyria
30 January 2015 – UNHCR on Greece, children and the Dublin Regulation, diaspora & development, ECRE jobs
23 January 2015 – Farmakonisi anniversary, Germany prolongs ban on returns to Greece, HRW on Calais, resettlement to Finland
16 January 2015 – ECtHR against returns to Sudan, Muižnieks in Melilla, detention in Greece, Syrian refugees in Jordan
09 January 2015 – Ghost ships, ECRE on transposition of asylum procedures, Lebanon restricts Syrians’ access, #OnTheBridesSide

2014 Issues

12/12/2014 – Spain’s law on summary returns in Ceuta & Melilla, resettlement conference & job opportunities
12/05/2014 – CJEU on rights of LGBTI asylum seekers, Syrian refugees protest in Greece & Khartoum Process
11/27/2014 – Norway, France, Belgium & Netherlands pledge to admit more refugees from Syria, ECRE on mutual recognition of positive asylum decisions
11/21/2014 – EU urged to #HelpSyriasRefugees, UNHCR against returns to Libya, ECtHR prohibits return to Iran
11/14/2014 – Undocumented migrants in The Netherlands, desertion as ground for asylum & EU Agency for Fundamental Rights on rights at the borders
11/07/2014 – European Commission urged to intervene over Ceuta & Melilla, ECtHR against returns to Italy, UNHCR launches #ibelong campaign to end Statelessness
10/31/2014 – Plans to legalize #pushbacks in #CeutaMelilla, UK axing rescue missions & UNHCR against returns to Iraq
10/24/2014 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin 24 October 2014
10/10/2014 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin 10 October 2014
10/03/2014 – ECRE Weekly Bulletin 3 October 2014