ECRE’s work would not be possible without the help of our different funders and individual supporters. Find out about our current partners, and how you can support civil society work for refugee rights in Europe.

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ECRE’s partners

ECRE’s work is funded by private foundations and governmental programs (primarily EU programs). The following partners contribute currently to ECRE’s work:

Our work is also made possible through donations of various services and goods by several companies and organisations. We kindly thank the following companies for their support:

U.S. Mission to the European Union
Language Connect
DLA piper

Are you also interested in supporting ECRE’s work? There are many things you can do to help us promote refugee rights, both as an individual and as a company or organisation.

For more information, you can always contact our Senior Communications Coordinator.

Support ECRE as an individual

Would you like to help us defend the rights of refugees in Europe?

There are a lot of things you can do. By supporting ECRE, you also support our Alliance of member organisation who provide assistance to refugees in 38 countries across Europe. National rules about the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in the EU are actually defined by European legislation. In order to improve the situation of asylum seekers and refugees, be they in Britain, Italy, Greece or Lithuania, you need to improve the rules decided in Brussels. That is what ECRE does.

How to support us?

By making a donation today you can help us make Europe a better place for refugees. How? It’s simple, click on the donate button and choose how much you’d like to donate.

You can also transfer a direct gift to our bank account, mentioning ‘gift to ECRE’: BE89-7330-5494-6385 – KBC Bank (BIC code KREDBEBB). Within the Eurozone, this is a no-cost operation. If you transfer from outside the Eurozone, banking costs will probably be involved.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our fundraising team.

Spread the word
Share our message with your friends and followers – it makes a huge difference. You can find our news on Twitter, Facebook, or by subscribing to our newsletter.

Get active
Do you want to spend some of your time to support refugees, or do you have ideas but don’t know whom to contact? Get in touch with us. There might be opportunities in our large network that are just what you are looking for.

IMPORTANT REMARK: ECRE supports its members with advise, expertise and opportunities to meet. We are not a grantmaking organisation so we don’t support them financially. If you want to support one of our members directly, please look up their information on their websites, which can be found here.

See how you help refugees with your support:

“Everywhere was very dangerous and when I fought in Afghanistan that was better than that journey which I came here. I was very scared and everywhere was very dangerous.” Merzaed

strong>How do we help people like Merzaed?
For an asylum system to work, people in need have to get access to it. With hardly any legal routes into Europe, people fleeing war and persecution have to resort to dangerous and irregular ways to enter the EU. Many are suffering violence and human rights abuses along the way. ECRE works for fairer border controls and legal avenues, so that people don’t have to risk their lives crossing seas or taking dangerous routes. For example, we talk to the border agency Frontex and we bring information from member organisations working in border countries to the Brussels policy makers.
“I close my eyes and I see the chain of events. I see all the faces who supported me from the very first appointment to the most important day of my life: the day I received the refugee status – the day I regained my civil and human rights” Amina (not her real name)

How do we help people like Amina?
In some countries Amina would not be recognized as a refugee because the necessary procedures are absent, inadequate or inaccessible. Procedures in different EU countries vary enormously. This leads to unfair situations where your chances for protection depend on the country you end up in. ECRE works to have fair asylum procedures everywhere in Europe. Only this way we can ensure equal chances for protection for all asylum seekers in the EU. For example, we draft policy recommendations for better EU regulations and we support court cases before the European Court for Human Rights and Court of Justice. Through our AIDA website, we provide policy makers and advocates with independent information about the asylum practice in 18 European countries.

Support ECRE as a business or organisation

Would your company or organisation like to support ECRE?

We are so glad to hear that! It is our broad basis of supporters that enables us to remain an independent platform for civil society promoting refugee rights in Europe. Support can consist of donations, goods, services or just spreading the word. For all questions, suggestions and ideas on partnering with ECRE, please contact Villads Zahle at [email protected].

You can support ECRE by:

Your company or organisation can invest to support ECRE’s works in general or you can earmark the donation to a specific program. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about how your donation will be used, or on any follow-up of your donation.

Spreading the word and engaging your network.
If you have contacts that might be interested in supporting ECRE’s work, we would be very pleased to be introduced to them. Just getting the word out about our work can already make a difference! For instance by following us on Twitter or Facebook and sharing our messages to your followers.

In-kind donations
Your expertise and business could also be a tremendous support. If you would like to help us by providing services and goods to assist our work (for instance ICT services, hotel rooms, or legal services), please do contact us.

You can find an overview of our current partners here.

Are you not a business but an individual who would like to support us? Read here what you can do.