The European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) is a forum of legal practitioners who aim to promote the highest human rights standards for the treatment of refugees, asylum seekers and other persons in need of international protection in their daily individual counselling and advocacy work. The ELENA network extends across most European states and involves some 500 lawyers and legal counsellors.

ELENA's objectives are pursued by:

  • providing and reinforcing contact between legal practitioners in different European countries who work on asylum cases;
  • facilitating the exchange of information and experience between legal practitioners across Europe;
  • studying the implementation of national, European and international law relating to refugees;
  • organising seminars on specific topics relating to refugee law and making the results available to practising lawyers;
  • promoting the development of national networks of legal practitioners specialising in asylum law.

ELENA reinforces direct personal contact between lawyers to promote cooperation on individual cases and practice.

The work of ELENA is coordinated by the ECRE Secretariat in Brussels in continuous and close consultation with the ELENA National Coordinators comprising practising legal advisers from a range of European countries.

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